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Spit Roast Accessories

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  1. Cutting board hire

    Jumbo cutting board hire 1.2 meter

    Big enough to place all your meat straight from the spit onto the board, so you can slice and serve your spit roasted meats and anything else easily.
  2. Electric knife hire

    Electric Knife & Roast Fork Hire

    Makes slicing spit meat easy.
  3. Digital Meat Thermometer / Temp Probe *YOURS TO KEEP!

    Digital Meat Thermometer / Temp Probe *YOURS TO KEEP!


    High quality digital meat temperature probe, a must have in every household.

    Ensure your meat is cooked the easiest and best way, just stick the probe into the thickest part of your meat and it will display the meat core temperature quickly and accurately. Don't be caught out over or under cooking again!

    Correct temperature readings guide:
    - Rare: 63 degrees C
    - Medium: 67 degrees C (recommended for roasts)
    - Well Done: 75 degrees C

  4. Serving/roasting tray hire

    Serving tray hire / roasting tray

    Handy for serving up meat, veggies or any other food. Can also be used as oven trays.
  5. Extension cord hire

    25m 10a 240v regular electrical extension lead hire

    25 metre extension leads/cords for long distance 240 volt 10 amp power extension.
  6. Carving Tool Set Hire

    Carvery Tool Set Hire - tongs, electric knife, roast fork, Chef's towel, board, gloves


    Save time and mess by hiring a professional carving tool set! They feature everything you need to get the job done properly and in style.

    These sets include Barbeque Buddy tongs, roast fork, Breville electric knife, a 457x711mm butchers stripe chef's towel, a big 1200mm cutting board, and 6 disposable vinyl gloves.