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  1. Table tennis hire

    Table Tennis Hire - Ping Pong Table, Balls, Bats, Net


    Table tennis is a favourite party amusement that everyone loves!

    Our quality equipment includes the table, net, 4x bats and a bucket of balls.

  2. Wheelie Keg Hire

    Wheelie Kegs - Keg Bar Equipment Hire


    Nothing beats fresh draught beers and ciders on tap. Now you can have an ice cold schooner at home thanks to our wheelie kegs!

    Our wheelie kegs feature a 100% pub quality Andale dispensing system for ease of use and unbeatable reliability. We use only BOC Cellarmix gas (not homebrew CO2) for the authentic pub taste and ease of use.

    Included in our wheelie keg systems is:
    • a complete beer tap and gas line system
    • quick release Tooheys & CUB keg couplings (will fit all kegs)
    • a BOC Cellarmix gas bottle, carbon dioxide and nitrogen mix (for pub taste & to stop over-carbonation)
    • a stainless steel drip tray
    • a bottom ball valve drain tap for easy emptying  

    To operate all you need to do is tap the keg, attach the gas bottle, set the gas pressure, fill the bin with ice and you're done.

    You can either buy a keg from your local bottle shop / pub or we recommend Zierholz Premium Brewery Fyshwick or Jiparu Cellars Fyshwick.

    Zierholz invite you to come to the brewery in Fyshwick for a free tasting paddle to choose and pay for your keg(s) (10+ beers available). We can return the kegs to Zierholz for you when finished.

    Carlton (Fosters Group) brand beer kegs are available at Jiparu Cellars Fyshwick. We can return the kegs to Jiparu for you when finished.

    If you have a coolroom, or hire one of our coolrooms you can place the whole unit in the coolroom to save filling with ice. Please note, if you are coolroom / fridge chilling the keg you will need 24 hours to get it down to temperature, we recommend setting your thermostat to -0.5°c. Ice chilling only takes about 6 hours.

    Please fell free to call us on 6162 1662 for more info.

  3. Raffle Barrel Hire

    Raffle Barrel Hire - Perspex


    Pick a WINNER and hire a CSPH raffle barrel! Our raffle barrels are perfect for drawing raffles, competitions and promotions.

    They are made of high-quality perspex and come with a lock and key door. They are large enough to hold hundreds of entries. Our barrels feature attached black painted solid timber bases, this adds weight and visual appeal to the units as well as increasing mounting options.

    Size: 595mm(l) x 400mm(d).

  4. Badminton hire

    Badminton Set Hire - Lawn Game


    Badminton is a popular, easy to pick-up game that is great to play and just as fun to watch.

    The game is played by hitting the shuttlecock over the net. The objective is to make your opponent miss and make the shuttlecock hit the ground. You can mark out a court or play without boundaries, either way is great fun. If you want to get really serious you can google match spec court sizes and competition rules.

    We have high quality match quality Yonex sets that come with everything you need including 4 racquets, a height adjustable net (115-155cm x 3m wide), 4 shuttlecocks, and cary bags.

  5. Limbo set hire

    Limbo Set Hire


    Take on your family and friends with Garden Limbo. Just loosen up and limbo down as low as you can go. Keep lowering the beam until only the most bendy person (the winner) is left.

    Our sets include heavy screw in bases, quality construction and a carry bag. They are 1500mm tall and 1660mm wide and pegs go from the very top down to 700mm, so they are great for the all ages!

  6. Bocce game hire

    Bocce / Boules / Pétanque Lawn Game Hire


    This game is great at parties no matter what you call it and is as simple as underarm throwing big balls at a small ball (closest wins).

    There are many variations and rules so the best bet is to make up your own rules or google the version you want to play.

    Includes: 8x 75mm 720gm balls, 1x jack, 1x measurer and a carry bag.

  7. Egg and spoon race hire

    Egg And Spoon Race Hire x10


    Some more old school fun is to be had with an egg and spoon race!

    The price listed is for 10 plastic life size eggs (53x44mm) for more please enter how many packs you require in the quantity box at the bottom. 

    We also have packs of plastic spoons available, please see the options below to select your quantity.

  8. Parachute hire

    Play Parachute Hire - 13.6m / 45ft


    Our parachutes offer unlimited group play and exercise opportunities including cardiovascular and upper-body conditioning for all ages and ability levels. Ideal for schools and groups. They provide movement, coordination and team building activities.

    Our 13.6m parachutes are constructed of heavy-duty nylon, reinforced at stress points and complete with 32 nylon handles. They can be used for 20-32 adults or 32 to 64 kids.

    Also included is a parachute storage bag, a book and CD with details for over 60 parachute games.

    All our Parachutes meet CPAI-84 Safety Standards and are made of 210T Nylon Ripstop material.

  9. Karaoke machine hire

    Premium Karaoke Hire


    Our premium Karaoke machines ARE THE BEST IN CANBERRA AND QBN. They feature the worlds most popular, modern and easy to use systems the K-STAR KOD 8. If you want to wow your guests, this is the system you need.

    Our base systems include:
    • Newly released KOD 8 HDD/CPU brain with many ways to easily queue up your music with heaps of features that are easy to access using our touch screens.
    • The largest collection of music in the industry with songs being updated every month (23,000+ songs).
    • A 19" touchscreen that is on a stand that is used for prompting lyrics, managing playlist, queuing tracks, accessing features.
    • A 7" wireless touchpad (Samsung Galaxy Tab) that is linked to the main system and used to pass around the crowd for viewing and queuing tracks.
    • 2x Sony Pro Gold Microphones. 
    • 1x 6 outlet 240v power board.
    • FREE setup and instructions. 

    Optional add-ons include:
    • A massive 64" Samsung monitor to place behind the singers for the crowd to see the lyrics / music videos in 1080p high definition (can also be used for your presentations / tv / video).
    • A 2000w Behringer professional 2x 12" P.A. speaker system on stands that can also be used for speeches, external music, bands etc (the same as our pro P.A. systems we hire out).
    • A gigantic 100" high definition projector and screen combo.
    • Wireless dual behringer microphones.

    All of the equipment that comes with this system is the highest quality equipment on the market and can be used for any other applications you need it for while you have it (speeches/house music/video presentations/slideshows).

    Our systems use mostly sunfly pro karaoke tracks, some with original film clips. Our equipment allows us to provide the very best karaoke technology and formats available, we are only limited by what's available to us.

    The price includes setup and we also bring out a toolbox full of connectors and cables so you can connect any other equipment you'd like linked to the system easily.

    Please also see 19" touchscreen demo video below:

  10. Giant checkers game hire

    Giant Checkers Game Hire


    Checkers or draughts is a great fun game that everyone can play and not have to think too hard (like chess), and with our massive sets you've got plenty of room for spectators to join in the fun too.

    Our high quality resin sets come with a huge tough and weatherproof 3x3 metre mat board, 24 jumbo checkers (250x90mm ea) and 'kinging' (double up) pins for when you get to the end and can move backwards and forwards.

  11. Sack race hire

    Sack Race Lawn Game Hire - All Ages


    Sack racing is one of the most hilarious forms of racing. All you need to do is get into a sack, hop from the start line to the finish line and hope you get there first.

    What you need: sacks

    Our sacks come in two sizes, regular 1015mm x 585mm (kids to adult) and large 1220mm x 760mm (tall adult).

    They are hired in lots of 6. Please let us know in the sizes box below how many of each size you need and how many 6 packs you require in the quantity box at the bottom.

  12. Ring toss game hire

    Full Size Ring Toss Lawn Game Hire


    For some good old fashioned fun, grab one of our full sized competition ring toss sets! They are genuine Riversdale "match" sets that are weight balanced and feature high quality fibres and wire core.

    Size: rings are 60mm thick and 160mm diameter, base board is 270mm x 270mm and 30mm thick.

  13. Giant jenga game hire

    Giant Jenga Lawn Game Hire


    The traditional game resized to MEGA proportions! Great for family, friends and team building events. 

    Build the tower then take it in turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the whole tower tumble. The higher you reach the more unstable and the bigger fun it becomes! 

    With 58 solid wooden blocks, Hi-Tower builds from approx. 0.9 m at the start of the game to around 1.5m during play. Each block is 29 x 7 x 4.5cm. 

    Included in our sets is a wooden base board to make it easier to setup and play.

  14. Giant connect 4 game hire

    Giant Connect 4 Hire - Mega Four Lawn Games


    The traditional game resized to MEGA proportions! Great for family, friends and team building events.

    Players take turns to strategically drop mega coins with the winner being the first player to connect four coins either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

    The frame is beautifully crafted from English Ash and Rosewood giving a high quality natural look. There is a removable wooden bar at the bottom of the face to enable easy release of the coins.

    The Mega 4 set includes:
    • Total size of game when on legs 120cm wide x 100cm high
    • English Ash face 115cm x 82cm
    • Rosewood legs and mango wood bar
    • 42 x 13cm plastic coins (21 red and 21 black)
    • Nylon storage bag (for coins)

  15. tug of war rope 15m

    Tug of War Rope Hire - 15m


    Tug of war ropes are hilarious fun and great for team building  your next event. 

    Our big 40mm diameter battle ropes are made from natural sisal fibres for maximum grip and feel.

  16. Commercial air hockey table hire

    Commercial Air Hockey Table Hire - 7ft Full Sized


    Our air hockey tables are sure to bring plenty of friendly competition and fun to your party.

    Includes: modern table with high output air blower, 2x pucks, electronic scorer, 2x pushers, commercial construction and coin operated.

    These tables are fully functioning modern commercial tables for large events (you can make money from them) or for events that require heavy duty construction (bucks parties etc).

    Unfortunately we cannot transport these up any stairs due to their 215kg weight. We can only transport to locations when the table will be placed is within 15 metres of the truck location, on flat ground and wide doorways. Please note, if we arrive and the placement is too difficult, your downpayment will be forfeited.

  17. Pool table hire

    Commercial Pool Table Hire - 8ft Full Sized Table Inc Accessories


    Impress your guests at your next big event with a full sized pool table! Our pool tables are great fun and come with everything you need to play.

    Includes: the table, 4x cues, 2x sets of balls (pool and snooker), 2x assist cues (1x cross and 1x bridge), cue/ball/score rack, kelly pool numbers, triangle, chalk and chalk holder, felt brush and table cover.

    Play surface is a real slate.

  18. Croquet hire Canberra

    Adult Croquet Game Hire


    Croquet is a sport that involves hitting your colour ball through the metal wickets with a course layout on your backyard or court.

    You start at the starting post and each player tries to get their colour ball completely through the metal hoop course. In achieving a successful shot you then receive an extra shot every-time you pass through a hoop. To win you need to be the first person to hit the finishing post. The more players you have the harder the game becomes.

    Croquet is one of the oldest games still played this day dating back to the mid 1800’s. Originated from England & still very popular across the globe. Croquet was a one-off Olympic sport in 1900 & reached the South Pole in 2005 when American scientists became the first to play a game there.
    This is a great game to entertain friends, family and guests at events, weddings, Christmas parties, local competitions, fundraisers or a family days out in the park.

    Our sets are competition grade Halex® sets and include:
    • 6x hardwood croquet mallets (83cm long with a 4.5cm mallet face)
    • 6x balls (red, black, blue, yellow, orange and green)
    • 2x posts (starting and ending)
    • 9x croquet wickets
    • 1x nylon storage Bag