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  1. 6 Burner BBQ

    Club BBQ Hire Large - 6 Burner Flat Plate Barbeque


    Huge flat plate BBQ hire perfect for sausage sizzles, making bacon and egg rolls, fundraisers and many more great uses. These large BBQ's are designed to cook on a large scale and feed heaps of hungry people.

    We have re-framed all of our club barbeques to add extra height (1050mm). The advantage is a better cooking height to avoid back stress. Having the plate higher also allows people to easily see the food being cooked, which turns into lots of extra sales at fundraisers.

    Features: solid steel hotplate, wheels, 6 burners, extra wide barbeque cooking area.

    Size: cooktop length 1350mm, cooktop width 500mm, height 1050mm (extra tall).

    Also available: large 9kg gas bottle hire, please see options.
  2. 7 Burner Hooded BBQ

    Deluxe Hooded BBQ Hire Large - 7 Burner


    Large 6+1 hooded barbeque, perfect for cooking everything at once. These barbeques are the ultimate in entertaining and catering.

    Features: huge 1010x440mm cooking area, 2x flame grill plates, 1x flat plate and a side cooktop burner for gravy/stir-fry/pan etc.

    Size: 1800mm (h), 1250mm (w), 520mm (d).

    Also available: large 9kg gas bottle hire, please see options.
  3. 2 burner gas cooktop

    2 Burner Portable Gas Cooktop Stove Cooker Hire


    Presented in a modern stainless steel finish, our quality 2 burner gas cooktops will get the job done in style. 

    They can cook at low heat right up to a impressive high heat boasting 33mj/h output. They also come withe piezo ignition, gas hose, regulator and will fit two large stock pots or big woks with no problems.

    Size: 715mm (w) 380mm (d) 120mm (h). 6.5kg weight.

    We can also provide you with a gas bottle, please see the options below.

  4. BBQ Tool Set Hire

    BBQ Tool Set Hire - tongs, scraper/flip, wire brush, knife


    Our barbeque tool sets feature only the highest quality utensils so you aren't fumbling with dodgy equipment when you are busy feeding the masses.

    These sets include Barbeque Buddy tongs, Wiltshire flip, Victorinox knife and Oates extra heavy duty stainless steel wire brush.

  5. Carving Tool Set Hire

    Carvery Tool Set Hire - tongs, electric knife, roast fork, Chef's towel, board, gloves


    Save time and mess by hiring a professional carving tool set! They feature everything you need to get the job done properly and in style.

    These sets include Barbeque Buddy tongs, roast fork, Breville electric knife, a 457x711mm butchers stripe chef's towel, a big 1200mm cutting board, and 6 disposable vinyl gloves.

  6. Gas bottle hire

    Gas Bottle Hire 9kg - full bbq gas bottles


    Need extra bottles for your event and don't want to buy them? Hire an Elgas Swap N Go bottle from us!

    We only keep the 9kg (8.5kg fill) bottles as they are the most universal size and have the most common fitting.

    If you are hiring our BBQ's, heaters, cookers or other gas equipment you can also add your bottles from the equipment's product page in the product options section.

  7. Cyprus grill souvlaki spit roaster hire

    15 Skewer Cyprus Grill Hire (Souvlaki Grill) - Grill + Charcoal + Fittings + Motor


    Canberra Spits & Party Hire have the most experience and best equipment in the region to ensure you have all the gear you need to have a perfect roast. We have been hiring spit roasts for over a decade and our wealth of knowledge benefits all of our customers.

    Our 100% stainless steel Cyprus grills will give your next event a definite WOW factor. The units are fully automatic and all 15 skewers are turned at the same time by two dedicated 240v motors.They feature 12 large souvlaki skewers and 3 spit roast skewers. As a bonus we include a fish/vegetable basket, a 2 gyro disks and meat prong spikes.

    The top section (3 spit skewers) has a 25kg rated motor, however you will need to plan your meat placement and size/length to fit everything. For the best advice, please call our experts and we can guide you in your setup. The bottom souvlaki section can be used for cooking kebabs, corn, vegetables or any other creation you wish to cook.

    The souvlaki grills are a bit more involved than regular spit roasts but make a spectacular centrepiece for parties from about 10-35 people. They also have a cool handle operated mechanism to raise and lower the spit roast top section.

    Hire includes:
    - 725mm (l) x 340mm (d) cooking area stainless steel souvlaki grill. (overall size is 1040mm (l) x 600 (d) x 1250mm (h))
    - Coal spit fuel pack -includes 12kg charcoal and firelighters (9-11 hour burn time), lump charcoal option also available.
    - Rotisserie 25kg 240v motor & 13kg 240v motor
    - Veggie / grill rack 
    - 2x gyro discs
    - 2x meat prongs (more available upon request)
    - 1x fish / vegetable basket
    - 12x souvlaki skewers
    - 3x spit roast skewer bars
    - Bottom rack shelf
    - Toolbox for parts storage and equipment checklist
    - Instructions, click here to view.

    We recommend this unit only for experienced BBQ-ers that can multi-task as this is an advanced cooking style that requires moderate attention. However the rewards are awesome.

    The hire period is for the whole weekend and can be picked up earlier in the week so you can prepare, there is no extra charge for this.