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  1. Black drape kit

    Black Drape Kit Hire - Adjustable Backdrop 3x3m to 6x4.27m stage curtain & pipe system


    Black drape kit hire. These are great for stage or presentation area backdrop curtains, partitions, mobile change rooms, projection screen run-offs or general concealment. Our drapes are made of high quality black velveteen material.

    Size: 4.27 metres wide and 6 metres tall (max). The kits are fully adjustable and the widths can be from 2.4-4.27 metres, the heights can be adjusted from 2.4 metres to a massive 6 metres.

    Our units can be connected together to give a wide range of widths and angles to suit any requirement. The price listed is for one section, if you need multiple sections for larger applications, please order how many you need in the quantity box below.

  2. Rope barrier system

    Bollard Barrier Hire - 1.5m Barricades Rope / Pole / Chain


    Bollard barrier systems are designed to enhance the look of your event and are also used for light crowd control. Our high-quality equipment is available with black ropes, red twist ropes or chunky 8mm steel chain.

    Each section is 1.5 metres and is charged for in 1.5-metre lengths. To order your sections, measure how many metres you need to cover and divide it by 1.5
    When we call you to confirm your booking, we'll work out with you how many poles you need based on how many divided lengths you need.

    Please select your rope or chain type required from the options below.

  3. Picket fence hire

    White Picket Fence Hire


    High quality (made in house) white picket fence sections, perfect for elegant parties including weddings, kitchen teas, hens nights, petting zoos and just about anything else.

    They are hired in 2000mm x 915mm sections and include matching stand feet (2 per length).

  4. Canberra temporary fence hire

    Temporary Fencing Hire / Temp Fence Hire


    Our high quality temp fences are perfect for larger crowd control and crowd safety applications or anywhere you need a temporary fence.

    The price listed is per panel and includes concrete base feet weights and joiners. Please let us know your configuration so we can give you the correct quanitiy of bases and joiners.

    Size: Fence pannels - 2400mm x 2100mm.  Concrete bases - 600mm x 230mm x 150mm  28kg each.

  5. 2x UHF Hand Held Unit Hire - Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio Communications

    2x UHF Hand Held Unit Hire - Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio Communications


    Having a quality communications system for your event will make your event a million times easier to manage.

    Our units are high quality 2w 80 channel units that are good for up to 10km. They feature the full array of modern uhf radio features and can be used to establish or extend a communications network.

    They are hired in pairs and each pair includes a twin recharging station, each unit lasts for up to 30 hours on a full charge.

    Features: scan function, 2 channel watch, roger beep selectable, high/low power option, duplex, auto power save, keypad lock, ext microphone input, ext speaker output, rechargeable batteries, belt clips.

  6. Cable cover hire

    1m Cable Cover Hire / Ground Safety Lead Protector - 2 core


    Our sturdy cable covers are a must for protecting people and equipment in traffic areas. They are made from high quality non-conductive rubber and have two large channels for running many cables or hoses.

    They are reinforced, designed to be walked on or driven over and feature a simple easy to use flip up hinged lid. Each piece has a male and female end to connect together to make whatever length(s) you need.

    Size: 1000mm (l) x 250mm (w) x 50mm (h). 8kg per section. 2x channels, 40x30mm per channel.

  7. Partition hire - room divider - peg board 1800mm grey

    Portable Partition Hire 1.8m x 1.8m / Room Divider / Acoustic Pin Board Hire


    Rapidline acoustic screen partitions have many uses, our units are modern and well looked after. They are sure to give your event a high quality look.

    Some of the uses for our partitions are:

    • Room dividers
    • Acoustic sound deadening
    • Peg boards for art exhibition
    • Separating work spaces
    • Blocking view to areas you don't want on display
    • Privacy screening

    Our partitions are commercial quality RAPID units that feature a impressive 50mm thickness and measure 1800mm x 1800mm. They also feature PVC edging and stabilising feet, so they can safely stand alone.

  8. Traffic cone / witches hat hire

    Traffic Cone / Witches Hat Hire - 500mm


    Great for bringing attention to potentially hazardous areas or marking out areas, our traffic cones are very high visibility and feature a large reflector band.

    They feature a thick rubber base for fantastic stability and are ideal in any weather condition.

    Size: 300mm (l) x 300mm (w) x 500mm (h). Australian standards compliant.

  9. Weights hire

    Concrete / Cement Weights Hire - 28kg


    Great for weighing down or anchoring equipment, they are great in windy areas and high-risk applications.

    Each weight weighs 28kg, are made of concrete and feature a heavy duty blow moulded plastic outer.

    Size: 600mm x 230mm x 150mm